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The Google Ad Grants programme is an incredibly effective way for Australian non-profits to spread their message to a large audience of users online using Google’s AdWords platform. For eligible non-for-profit organisations, ‘Google Ad Grants’ provides free Google advertising up to $10,000 USD per month to use within the campaign.

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Criteria and Getting Started

There are strict criteria that need to be met in order for the application process for the initial campaign to be successfully submitted to Google for approval. During the application process, clarifying conversion goals will help you find a strong, clear mission to show Google how you’ll use your grant to achieve these results. Google reinforces a goal-oriented approach by prioritising conversions over simply increasing site traffic. Most nonprofits will be targeting, a newsletter sign-up, a donation, or a request for information about volunteering.

Once commenced, there are a number of policies, restrictions, and rules that the campaign must follow in order to retain the grant. Smith Brothers Media has helped many ad grant clients adhere to these rules and successfully exceed key milestones. Among the most important; you must maintain a minimum of at least a 5% click-through rate (CTR) after your first 3 months of receiving your Ad grant.

Penalties apply if key criteria are not met for 2 months in a row. This counts as non-compliance and puts your grant into jeopardy if appropriate steps are not put in place to fix the issue. Regular account audits that are designed to address specific policy criteria is the most effective way to ensure non-profits keep their funding.

We understand that this can be challenging, especially for busy operations or those with limited in-house digital marketing experience. You can rest assured that Smith Brothers Media are experts at successfully navigating Google Ad Grants, with up-to-date knowledge of Google’s rulebook, along with skills and experience specific to administering Grants accounts on behalf of nonprofits.

When done correctly, Google search marketing is an excellent way to increase the visibility of a cause, and Google Ad Grants have never been more accessible to non-profits.

Our dedicated team have the experience to leverage these tools to your advantage while managing your Google Ad campaign to achieve measurable results. With a long track record of successfully working with non-profits to harness the power of Ad Grants, we have the know-how to assist you in raising awareness, funds and engagement for your cause.

Case Studies:


SBM has been successfully managing the Ad Grant campaign for AUSTSWIM since September 2018, with an outstanding current click-through rate of 24.7%, well above the required 5% mandated by Google. AUSTSWIM have been able to reach relevant audiences and raise awareness about water safety and swim teacher training through the use of the Ad Grant funding.

Parent Guides:

Parent Guides are a great NFP organisation educating and informing parents and teens about relevant issues. SBM has been involved with managing the Ad Grant campaign since February 2018, and have maintained an 11.96% click-through rate, achieved over 5000 clicks and remained compliant with Google requirements. Parent Guides have been able to reach a wider audience spread valuable information with the help from the Ad Grant program.


Smith Brothers Media has established itself as a trusted industry leader in the digital marketing landscape. We’re excited to work with your organisation in applying for a Google Grant, and helping your organisation achieve increased exposure. Get in touch with one of our experienced team to find out how we can help navigate you safely through the application process.

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