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If you’re at all familiar with SEO, you will know that increasing your search engine rankings is best achieved through approved white-hat optimisation techniques.

However in recent times, you may have started to hear more of its opposite/evil twin: Negative SEO.

The latest Google Penguin updates are designed to seek out websites that have used bad SEO in the past and hit them with penalties. Usually carried out by those wishing to damage or hinder the rankings of a rival website, Negative SEO is a deliberate process of doing all the wrong things to a website in the hopes it receives a Google penalty.

Negative SEO can include directing an array of bad/poor quality links to a website and conducting harmful DDos attacks. Understandably, negative SEO is seen as an unethical tactic to begin with, and most would view such actions as immoral. Unfortunately, shifty businesses that call themselves ‘Negative Search Engine Optimisers’ do actually exist. They’ve confessed to using techniques such as fake spam blogs, writing shady Google reviews (that Google recognises as being fake) and even sending legitimate-sounding emails to Google, asking that good links be taken down.

Thankfully, the intended effects of negative SEO are difficult to achieve, and it generally involves significant effort in order to cause any noticeable harm. This may all sound pretty serious, but it’s important to note that these techniques generally only work on newly established websites that have been using either poor SEO or none at all. Negative SEO is therefore only successful on weaker websites. This makes attempting to attack established websites with strong authority either a huge effort for little gain or a complete waste of time. If you are concerned, the best way to defend against negative SEO is to use legitimate, white-hat SEO practices. Grounding your website with good SEO will make it resistant to negative SEO.

Here at Smith Brothers Media we can help you get a proper handle on your rankings with high-quality SEO and using our specialty in-house software designed monitor and mitigate the effects of Negative SEO. If you would like to know more about way of improving your rankings and protecting your online assets, please feel free to get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

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