Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here.
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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

“Since 2012, SBM has continued to invest in new talent, new technology and new opportunities to complement and enhance our digital marketing. Through developing technical and creative innovation as standard practice, we’ve approached marketing, design and video in a holistic, multi-faceted, agile and smarter way”


James and Tom founded SBM, which began life as a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) focused company, opening their first office in South East Melbourne


SBM saw the importance of web design as an integral part of digital marketing, leading to the expansion of talent through the acquisition of a specialised web design company. With the growth of the company and team, we made the move to a new home in the heart of Bayside Melbourne.


With the ever-increasing noise in the digital landscape, video proved to be the smarter way to communicate and connect to an audience. SBM seized the opportunity to evolve and took on board the video production and post production companies Bizividz and 77Post. The growing needs of the company required a new, more intelligent working space. Embracing change, SBM underwent office renovations focused on improving the functionality for the three core areas of our business: Marketing, Design and Video.

What’s Next?

Building upon the three core pillars of the company, marketing, design and video, SBM will continue to embrace a holistic approach to digital marketing, and ensure that our aligned, cross-disciplined strategy forms the foundation of future marketing campaigns.

Working towards building an even stronger long-term relationship with our clients, allowing us to develop more of a digital partnership, leading to better results through proactive, agile and ultimately smarter strategies. Strengthening our existing brand and identity to better portray and communicate the three core pillars and our new approach.

SBM continues to acquire new talent and personnel in all areas, as well as ensuring that innovation always serves an integral part of any continued success. The digital marketing landscape has evolved so much in such little time; we understand that it will continue to change, and we’re excited to see what challenges (or rather opportunities) we’ll face in the next phase of the digital era.

Let’s do this the smarter way

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