Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here.
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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

In conjunction with Australian Ballet, SBM spearheaded an innovative and cost-effective PPC marketing campaign, creating more conversions from an increased audience.

For over 50 years The Australian Ballet has delivered outstanding performances as one of the world’s premier ballet companies. The Australian Ballet has performed to critical acclaim in 87 cities across the globe including New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Paris. The company presents upwards of 250 shows and 1,700 education and audience engagement events each year, with a signature Australian style.

In 2015, The Australian Ballet joined forces with SBM to develop an online marketing strategy that would effectively reach more online users and encourage engagement. The challenge of driving visitors to The Australian Ballet website came in identifying user patterns and using these to run informed Adwords campaigns. Working closely with The Australian Ballet we set out to build awareness, attract users, increase engagement-levels and ultimately, improve conversions.

Through complex keyword research into all facets of the industry we were able to identify and isolate user patterns. By understanding users and gleaning detailed information through smarter conversion tracking, we were able to develop relevant and dynamic AdWords campaigns tailored to local markets. Working side-by-side with The Australian Ballet, as well as employing a smarter approach to the data, allowed for ongoing refinement and improvement of online campaigns to meet the demands of specific user groups. This detailed approach to all aspects of the online marketing strategy lead to the recognition of new areas of opportunity for The Australian Ballet.

Through ongoing analysis of online campaigns SBM uncovered specific keyword clusters and build on newly discovered areas for growth. This led to a major increase in conversions, coming from specifically targeted areas highlighted by our smarter conversion tracking. Our detailed keyword research, together with our in-depth understanding of The Australian Ballet’s brand, ultimately resulted in more conversions from smarter, more refined campaigns.

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