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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

SBM has been expertly producing video content for the Bayside Business Network since early 2016. Through event coverage and monthly news segments, SBM has revolutionised the distribution of information between the Bayside Business Network and its members.

The Bayside Business Network consists of business professionals in the Melbourne Bayside area who meet regularly for events based around developing excellence in business and entrepreneurship. Members are encouraged to attend events throughout the year, such as business breakfasts, networking nights and seminars delivered from industry experts.

SBM has been working alongside Bayside Business Network for the past year helping to update and modernise the website, making it more user friendly. Since early 2016 we have also taken on the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of communication between the Bayside Business Network and its members via Bayside Business Network event filming and providing Seminar teasers. Informing hundreds of members about upcoming events and the latest updates is central to what Bayside Business Network does, and conveying this information efficiently and with authority was SBM’s main aim. Digestible information delivered to the network to inform, educate and expand was achieved through smarter video.

Through close collaboration with Business Bayside Network we developed a strategy to produce video content that would be distributed throughout the network to promote news and updates on an ongoing basis. With annual coverage of key events, monthly news, business profiles and promotional videos, we have, together with Business Bayside Network, built a marketing strategy that serves to increase communication throughout the network. Communicating via smarter video has allowed for the formation of a monthly news digest delivered to members to increase interaction with the network.

Our ongoing partnership with Bayside Business Network has lead to increased attendances at events as well as an expansion of the network. Delivering updates via informative and creative video has not only increased communications within the network, but has proven to accurately reflect the high level of professionalism the Bayside Business Network embodies.

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