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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

Clinica Lase was able to establish a second clinic location outside of Melbourne, as a direct result of the marketing campaign SBM launched to attract a wider audience and increase conversions.

Clinica Lase is a cosmetic and laser clinic, with Melbourne and Ballarat locations. They offer a range of skin treatments, cosmetic injections and laser treatments, and specialise in providing a professional and personable service. SBM have been working closely with Clinica Lase since 2014 on their marketing strategy and video production.

Clinica Lase, operating in Carlton since 2011, wanted to see an increase in local online traffic to their site. The ultimate aim was to see more customers walking through the door. However, this starts with understanding user behaviour and identifying patterns. Together with Clinica Lase, SBM recognised the need for a stronger online presence to engage users and drive conversions, and undertook the smarter approach to achieve this.

Working with Clinica Lase, SBM was able to develop and implement a marketing strategy to drive localised online traffic towards their site and build a larger customer base. Through identifying and investing in high value search phrases we were able to create a targeted SEO campaign by understanding user behaviour to increase online traffic. As well as attracting users onto their site, there was a need to deliver the content creatively and effectively to achieve an engaging platform for visitors; this came in the form of smarter video production. To communicate Clinica Lase’s specific company values to users, SBM produced captivating video content for the site, spanning from a company profile to explanations of the specific services offered.

Through SBM’s smarter SEO practices, it became clear there was a strong market for cosmetic services in regional areas outside of Melbourne. Our dynamic approach meant we could continue to drive online traffic from the Bendigo/Ballarat region, and build a significant customer base. As a direct result, Clinica Lase opened a second clinic in Ballarat in 2015, to an already established local market. SBM produced over 15 videos for Clinica Lase, revolutionising their online content and increasing the average time spent on the site by users. Through ongoing SEO and improved video content, Clinica Lase enjoyed an increase of over 75% in organic traffic to their site. Clinica Lase continues to experience growth in its customer bases in Melbourne, Ballarat, and surrounding regions.

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