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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

SBM’s partnership with ENRICH Clinic created a focused, smarter SEM campaign, alongside an effective new site, combining to greatly increase user engagement and conversions.

ENRICH Clinic is one of Melbourne’s leading dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinic, specialising in medical-grade cosmetic technologies and procedures, performed by world-class cosmetic physicians.

ENRICH Clinic sought to increase their brand reach, and attain more long-term clients through an enhanced online presence. Through detailed research into user behaviour, SBM, together with ENRICH, developed a tailored marketing campaign, designed to attract relevant users effectively and efficiently.

Through smarter research we identified areas of improvement including audience retention, and conversion rates. Our collaboration allowed us to form an effective website design to capitalise on our marketing efforts, while still communicating ENRICH’s brand identity and further increasing their audience reach.

SBM identified valuable areas of opportunity within the marketplace, and by leveraging our industry knowledge, created the primary keyword categories around which the ongoing marketing campaign was built. This campaign, integrating both PPC and SEO efforts, targeted only the most relevant users, allowing a more optimised audience onto the site.

The design and development of ENRICH’s new website expanded on the success of this marketing campaign, to improve the levels of user engagement, and increase the site’s conversion rate. By taking a smarter approach to the design, and identifying the important areas of improvement, SBM created an innovative design that better engages users and communicates ENRICH’s values, all while enhancing the company’s new branding elements.

Through an open dialogue with ENRICH, SBM gained a greater understanding of their brand, values and goals, allowing us to tailor a unique and effective marketing solution. A skilled balance of SEO and PPC campaign strategies resulted in huge increases to organic ranking, an increase in engaged users, and the insight needed for a successful website design and development. The creation of ENRICH’s new website also enabled them to further expand their audience reach, enhance user engagement, and exceed their ultimate marketing goals.

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