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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

SBM’s combined smarter marketing and smarter web design allowed Lollipop’s Playland to convey a strong brand message and reach a wider online audience, resulting in large increases in conversions across all Lollipop’s franchises.

Lollipop’s Playland is home to some of Australia’s favourite indoor play centres & kid’s party venues, featuring exciting play centres for children, in a secure and safe environment. With franchise locations operating across all major cities nationwide, Lollipop’s Playland is one of Australia’s largest networks of indoor play centres.

Lollipop’s Playland needed to expand and enhance their online presence, and in 2014, they partnered with SBM for the creation of a comprehensive ongoing marketing campaign. The primary aims of the campaign were to reach a larger national audience, while continuing to meet the needs of local franchises.

Lollipop’s Playland also sought the creation of a new website that would encapsulate and centralise their brand message across all franchise locations, while still granting franchisees room to make individual site changes.

Striking the correct balance between customisation and cohesion demanded a strategic approach to the website development; SBM’s innovative approach ensured a flexible website that maintained the company’s brand message, while remaining user-friendly for future use.

SBM’s marketing campaign was developed through ongoing communication and collaboration with Lollipop’s Playland, enabling the creation of customised marketing elements shared across all franchise locations, to bolster and unify the company’s overall brand.

Our insights into the industry marketplace allowed SBM to discover key areas of opportunity within specific franchise locations. The creation of distinct marketing strategies surrounding these locations enabled SBM to further refine individual campaigns, alongside improving the overall strategy.

In 2016, SBM finalised the creation of Lollipop’s Playland’s new site; by integrating state-of-the-art practices and technologies, combined with intelligent research, SBM produced a site that deftly combines the needs of both corporate-level and franchise-level stakeholders.

SBM’s unified approach to the marketing strategy ensured an effective campaign that both centralised the site’s brand message, and greatly expanded the reach of the company, leading to a greatly increased audience of relevant, engaged users.

SBM’s partnership with Lollipop’s Playland, together with our innovative design strategy, resulted in an effective site that allows flexible customisation by franchise owners, whilst protecting the Lollipop Playland brand. This, combined with SBM’s ongoing marketing strategy has resulted in large increases in user engagement for all franchise sites, and in turn, increases in valuable conversions.

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