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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

Through close partnership with New Turf, SBM was able to develop and implement dynamic web design solutions that led to an increase in lead generation and online conversions.

New Turf is a national supplier of synthetic grass and artificial sports surfaces. They design, supply and install turf to domestic and commercial clients across the country. New Turf’s clients range from schools to home gardens, and they focus on creating custom turf solutions to perfectly meet each client’s needs.

SBM worked with New Turf in early 2016 to bridge the disconnect between site visitors and customer leads. New Turf saw that visitors would find their way onto the website, but engagement and conversions were lacking. Working alongside New Turf, we identified the need to enhance the user experience on the website with the aim of increasing leads. New Turf are a national company with the infrastructure to provide synthetic turf Australia wide. It became clear there was a need to increase the localised functionality of the site to appeal to users in specific areas. Working with New Turf and understanding their market allowed SBM to develop a custom design strategy for their website, enhancing location functionality, to increase engagement and ultimately customer leads.

By collaborating with New Turf we were able to gain a deep understanding of how and where the business operates. This was crucial in the design and development of custom functional elements, as we were able to translate New Turf’s brand values into smart web design. By moving forward with a localised design strategy, we devised multiple custom website solutions to enable users to locate turf retailers and installers in their specific region. Through smart design we were able to implement dynamic location features on the website, such as custom interactive Google Maps, that focused the site to the specific user, encouraging engagement and increasing leads. We were able to integrate flexibility to New Turf’s site to allow for custom dynamic functionality going forward.

Through understanding the challenges New Turf faced, a national company wanting to increase lead generation in local markets, we were able to develop custom design solutions tailored to their needs. A smart change in design lead to enhanced user experience, and an increase in local market users.

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