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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

SBM successfully guided The O’Brien Group Arena through a major rebranding project of Melbourne’s largest ice rink. Continued smarter marketing has opened up new areas of opportunity and increased customer visits.

The O’Brien Group has operated within Australasia’s premier venues for over 25 years and holds a significant property portfolio including boutique hotels, full scale venue management, ticketing, festivals, clubs, live entertainment and venture capital. In 2015 O’Brien Group Australia took ownership of the “O’Brien Group Arena”, formerly “Medibank Icehouse”, Australia’s largest ice rink.

The primary challenge we faced with The O’Brien Group was to develop and execute a seamless re-branding strategy to ensure no loss of business during the relaunch period of “Medibank Icehouse” to “O’Brien Group Arena”. As well as building awareness around the name change of the ice rink, SBM also worked closely with The O’Brien Group to create robust and ongoing SEO and Adwords campaigns to invest in long-term growth. Our primary aim was to mitigate any negative effects of the name change, as well as to build a long-term strategy to deliver increases in online users, and conversions.

Smarter marketing allowed us to not only ensure a seamless rebrand for the ice rink but also increased the O’Brien Group Arena’s visitor numbers and user engagement. Through understanding the challenge presented we undertook comprehensive keyword research from service to service. This led to the discovery of a number of high value search terms which could be capitalised on to encourage engagement from different areas of the business including corporate venue hire and kids party hire. Smarter research allowed us to build and create a more agile marketing strategy for O’Brien Group Arena going forward. Ongoing AdWords campaigns were refined through smarter conversion tracking which ultimately resulted in higher visitor numbers to The O’Brien Group Arena.

Through industry knowledge and smarter marketing, SBM was able to create successful long-term strategies that resulted in large increases in traffic to the site, particularly from previously untapped demographics. The O’Brien Group has gone on to become a premier venue for corporate functions and kids birthday parties as a direct result of our smarter marketing uncovering these potential markets. SBM continues to work alongside The O’Brien Group Arena on a range of design and marketing opportunities.

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