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Scott Pye teamed up with SBM in 2015 to design his personal logo. Close collaboration, and smart design, resulted in a logo that has become synonymous with Scott Pye and his brand.

Scott Pye, one of Australia’s most successful V8 supercar drivers, continues to enjoy an impressive international career. He claimed the 2010 British Formula Ford Championship and has gone on to achieve a myriad of accolades within the world of V8 Supercars.

Scott Pye partnered with SBM in late 2015 to design his personal logo for use online, on merchandise and on all his personal branding. The real challenge was to create something versatile and memorable, whilst keeping the design sleek and simple, in line with Scott’s website and general brand. From a design point of view, working side-by-side with Scott was fundamental to understanding the message he wanted to convey with his personal logo. Getting across Scott’s personality, whilst designing a logo that works across different mediums, required partnership and smarter design.

Working with Scott Pye, SBM was able to design a logo that encapsulated Scott and his brand whilst remaining relevant but timeless. Through our partnership with Scott we were able to translate his personality into a logo.
The logo was designed to look as if it is in motion, symbolising a race car, and the use of gold alludes to Scott’s success but was expertly shaded to look great on any background or device. The logo was designed in close collaboration with Scott to reflect his ethos as a driver, his career momentum and his future successes. The overall look was designed to be simple and elegant, yet it was crucial to get across Scott’s winning mentality and need for speed. Smart design married the two and allowed for a logo that truly reflects Scott Pye’s brand.

Scott Pye’s logo is proudly emblazoned on his personal website, as well as merchandise that travels with him around the world. The key to Scott Pye’s timeless logo design was our close consultation with him throughout the process. It resulted in a logo that not only represents Scott as a race car driver but shows off his personality. It continues to impress in its simplicity and vision.

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