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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

A close partnership with The O’Brien Group Arena resulted in a dynamic and directed marketing campaign, centered on creative video content, for The Nutcracker Winter Experience that reached a record-breaking audience.

O’Brien Group Arena is one of Australia’s leading ice skating and arena facilities, home to a huge number of ice rink events throughout the year, including 2016’s The Nutcracker Winter Experience; a school holiday ice show that also included popular interactive elements.

To maximise the potential of The Nutcracker Winter Experience, O’Brien Group Arena looked to reach a wide audience of engaged users to turn into customers, both for the Nutcracker campaign, as well as long term.

SBM, in partnership with O’Brien Group Arena, wanted to build upon the past success of the Arena’s previous PPC campaigns to reach a more expanded audience, while still maintaining high levels of user engagement.

Utilising our detailed research and industry knowledge, as well as our understanding of the marketplace, SBM looked to tailor a video marketing solution that allowed O’Brien Group Arena to reach a huge audience with highly engaging video content.

SBM’s The Nutcracker Winter Experience marketing campaign was built upon thorough research into the online behaviour of our target audience, as well as utilising the insights gained from previous targeted PPC campaigns. This research and refinement, alongside our experience in successful video marketing, allowed SBM to craft video content that quickly engaged users, showcasing the fun and beauty of The Nutcracker Winter Experience. This content was integrated within a dynamic AdWords strategy, combining different marketing mediums to create a diverse and effective campaign.

SBM’s ongoing partnership with O’Brien Group Arena allowed us to gain deeper insights into their specific marketing goals, and craft a video marketing solution that exceeded those goals, reaching a larger audience than ever before.

The effectiveness of the video content, implemented within SBM’s custom-designed marketing strategy, created high level of user interaction, leading to higher conversions, and more long-term customers.

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