Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here.
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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

At SBM we cover the full spectrum of design. In partnership with your communication and branding, we create powerful and memorable designs, both on paper and on screen.

Design is a process of discovery and mastery. Whether it is signage, a brochure, a digital ad or a custom Facebook design, we have the tools and experience to create powerful imagery that doesn’t just tell customers what you do, but shows them.

We feel that business often overlooks digital and print design, thinking it’s a small part of a business identity and communications. Though combined with smarter marketing, design or video, digital design can extend the reach of your business. We gain insights into your business with a collaborative approach, so we may not only design your brand visually, but holistically as an overall communications process to audiences and customers.

We believe that business cards are essential to the face-to-face marketing of a business. Together with your personal and overall brand identity, our team of designers give birth to a smattering of designs that encompass your communications and how your business is perceived not only with what’s on the card, but on high quality card stock, shapes and other customisable textures.

Does your business run events? Events may be sales, functions or promotional campaigns. Though visually appealing flyers and handbills, our designers can create printed material that unifies function, form and communication using a variety of styles.

We believe that presentations need to leave impressions on audiences. Engaging audiences with presentation material, including video content is the hallmark of a successful presentation. By understanding your presentation content and designing its delivery, your business can create a lasting impact.

Using your unique style and design language, we can create effective and engaging banner advertising designs that communicates what your brand needs to say or sell as part of your marketing campaign or as a standalone information or engagement tool.

Together in collaboration, our designers craft social cards, Facebook graphics or other collateral for use in a broad or targeted marketing campaign. Eye-catching social cards drive higher interactions and engagement while keeping true to communicating your brand and its values.

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