Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here.
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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

Video is your brand’s story in motion. Using SBM’s expertise in video, we can create a marketing strategy that utilises how brands reach and interact with audiences. We gain an overall understanding of your business, defining the smarter way of delivering your message. Armed with in-depth research we craft professional videos, from launching your next big product, to showcasing your company profile. SBM specialises in both live action and animated videos to communicate, persuade and promote your business the smarter way.

We believe that you are the experts when it comes to your business, your services or your products. That’s why our video team gleans as much information as possible from you in a collaborative setting to inform our production planning. This creates a solid foundation for the production of your video, presented to the world in a style that fits your brand, is tailored for your audience and an awareness of the medium in which it will reside.

We believe there’s a smarter side to TVC – it’s not the be all and end all of advertising or marketing via video. We challenge that prevailing perception while viewing TVC as part of an overall marketing strategy. TVC is highly effective as a mass media, high reach piece of content, but we also feel that it can be a long-term, high impact and cost-effective element of a larger campaign.

We believe that company profile and product videos give audiences a visual shopfront and an opportunity to experience your business. This is especially strong for building credibility and trust via authentic representation of your brand as well as using testimonials from brand advocates. Creating profile and product videos the smarter way involves an understanding of how your brand works, and how that displays and interacts within the medium of video.

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