Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here.
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Our Rapid Start ECommerce store is online here

SBM creates effective, memorable and professional training & educational videos for a variety of industries & purposes. We package critical information in a friendly, engaging and easy-to-understand way, creating videos that serve a range of educational outcomes. SBM can deliver a wide range of educational videos, ranging from standard operating procedures (SOP) through to content for e-Learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS.) Demonstration videos are great for giving users an overview of your business, product or service.

We believe that training videos is all about delivering high quality, engaging educational content that’s repeatable, easily updated and cost-effective. We approach creating educational videos from a cost-saving and accessibility perspective. We produce videos that a mass audience can engage with and through a modular approach. We do this by paying attention to detail and using the greatest resource for education – the educators themselves.

We feel that a vast amount of demonstration or explainer style videos are most effective when they provide an overview of a process, be it in an app, piece of software or a standard operating procedure. By emphasising key points and functions, audiences can quickly recognise the benefits of your product or service. From planning, understanding and refining key elements, we can design information so you aren’t just talking about your process, but lending it a voice.

Induction and OH&S videos show visitors, stakeholders and new employees critical business information that’s essential to their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Using a collaborative approach, we present this information in an easy to absorb and engaging way. We produce high quality training videos for informal or seminar settings that are informative and always deliver the message with clarity and purpose.

eLearning videos are part of an interactive, modular platform to deliver certifications or understanding of standards and practices such as an ISO certification. With your business goals and learning objectives in mind, we deliver content that’s accessible, engaging and integrated into a broader Learning Management System (LMS) using innovative thinking and technology.

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